The Solution
Our approach is integrated, meaning aimed at both internal and external audiences. You would not believe the times we have discovered that even staff did not know of an organization’s products or services.
We define the message and stay on task with all communications. It does not do you any good for a press release to be printed if it does not communicate your message. And, by the way, does absolutely no good if the press release doesn’t see the light of day…
We reach your target audience creatively and effectively. It doesn’t do any good to produce a flashy message if it is never received and acted upon. Whether it is targeted at the homeless, hospital patients, banking customers, minority audiences or others, we find an innovative way to get your message received.
We measure. Too often campaigns are based on presumptions. You would not believe how often these presumptions turn out to be wrong! Blows the minds of our clients. And, we help you ask the right questions to effectively measure the results.

Can we do the splashy brochures, beautiful websites, attention-grabbing ads, write the press releases, etc. etc.? Of course. And, we have had our share of awards. But the most effective award is providing results for our clients..and that’s without spending an arm and a leg (unless you want to do that).