Our Secret Advantage

Since our background is in science, technology, medicine and health care, complicated subjects and complex situations don’t scare us. We also don’t dumb them down being cutesy. We love the challenges, and we find our ability to distill these subjects gives us the advantage of being able to cut through a variety of challenges however simple or complex they might be.

Some Examples

The Homeless: To get your message to the homeless population, you don’t just take out an ad in the local metropolitan paper or on the national network. We developed a method for reinforcing the services at each point of contact. And, while we were at it, found a solution for staff and referrers to be educated about the organization’s services. The result? A downtown clinic which had been plagued with “down time” is looking to expand and/or add another physician.

Credit Union: Simply put, their marketing was not working. Our focus groups discovered members simply did not know of services. Secondly, their organization’s goal was to increase savings. Marketing efforts combined by effective buy in and education of staff, reaching savers by demographics, and defining what makes this organization different. One year later, savings increased, and dropped memberships decreased by a third.

Saving a Family Home: For two years a family had been all the way to the governor in order to save their family home from demolition by the DOT. Positioning their plight and the resulting coverage was quickly followed by the family gaining an historic designation for their farmhouse and a re-routing of the road. The home will continue to be a place of refuge for generations to come.